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Green's Art Conservation


Preventive conservation involves all measures and actions aimed at avoiding and minimising future deterioration or loss of art and cultural heritage items. Green's Art Conservation is a consultancy service, providing critical advice and practical solutions to art owners of any calibre.

Caring for collections of all mediums, including painting, works on paper, wood, textiles, ceramics, glass, natural history, metal, and sculpture.



Do Ho Su, Image from Frieze
Natural History_edited_edited.jpg

NAturAl History

Natural History Artefacts, Image from Antiques Atlas
Haegue Yang, Edibles Sextet – NTUC Finest, Freshmart Singapore, Perilla Leaves-Image-from-

Works on PAper

Haegue Yang, Image from STPI Creative Workshop & Gallery


Alexander Rhys, Image from Whitewall Galleries


Gilded Frame, Image from Fine Art Restoration


Preventive conservation methods can be applied to collection of painting, works on paper, metal, wood and fabric.

Environmental Management

Relative humidity, temperature and UV light monitoring and management. Identify areas of risk and implement solutions.

Pest Management

Use integrated pest management (IPM) to identify severity of pest infestation and understand a course of action to reduce pests.

Preventive Cleaning

Reduce risks such as pest infestation and dust cementation.

Preventive Curation

Identify areas of risk around chosen curated spaces and reduce potential of current damage from alternative curation or environmental management

Packaging and Handling

Correctly package works for long term and use materials which will protect artwork. 

Condition Reports

Inspecting and recording the condition of work at intervals throughout the calendar year can identify areas of instability in the environment or in the management of work.

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