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Preventive conservation can help care for collections of all mediums including painting, works on paper, wood, textiles, ceramics, glass, natural history, metal, and sculpture.

Environmental Management

Relative humidity, temperature and UV light monitoring and management. Identify areas of risk and implement solutions.

Pest Management

Use integrated pest management (IPM) to identify severity of pest infestation and understand a course of action to reduce pests.

Preventive Cleaning

Reduce risks such as pest infestation and dust cementation.

Packaging and Handling

Correctly package works for long term and use materials which will protect artwork. 

Preventive Curation

Identify areas of risk around chosen curated spaces and reduce potential of current damage from alternative curation or environmental management

International Consultations

Online consultations can be arranged with clients outside of London and the UK. Proposals and consultation are accessible to international cleints with video calls and footage of the collection or artwork.


Transparency is key at Green's Art Conservation, and making preventive conservation accessible to all clients is at the heart of the brand's identity. 

In our initial consultation, we can discuss any budget that you have in mind, and what can be achieved with this in mind. All projects will have a minimum charge of £250.00 in the UK and S$840.00 in Singapore. These rates are in line with the competitive rates of the current market. Material costs are also covered by clients. The cost of these materials will be detailed in the proposal, so there are no hidden or surprise fees. Clients are also expected to cover travel outside of London if artwork needs to be couriered. All costs are inclusive of VAT.

Daily rate: £250.00 / S$840.00

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