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Preventive conservation; Not just for heritage and museums

Art isn't ephemeral, and looking after a collection doesn't need to be time-consuming or unattainably expensive. Green's Art Conservation brings museum and heritage quality preventive conservation practices to contemporary galleries, private collectors, and artists.

Artwork becomes too damaged to enjoy properly, and may be too expensive to restore

Artwork is aquired

Full Circle

Artwork is stored or displayed

Artwork deteriorates over time, and much of the damage may go unnoticed

Art often deteriorates because the custodian doesn't know that preventive conservators are out there to help. Investing in a preventive conservator now will save time, money and future tears.

Featured Interview


AWDB Spotlight: Interview with Green’s Art Conservation

AWDB talks to conservator Daisy Green, founder of Green’s Art Conservation, about preventive conservation, and its significance in the visual arts industry.

May 2023 


Preventive conservation methods can be applied to collection of painting, works on paper, metal, wood and fabric.

Environmental Management

Relative humidity, temperature and UV light monitoring and management. Identify areas of risk and implement solutions.

Preventive Cleaning

Reduce risks such as pest infestation and dust cementation.

Condition Audits

Documenting individual pieces to monitor their condition and damage. Helps to identify environmental stablility and 

Pest Management

Use integrated pest management (IPM) to identify severity of pest infestation and understand a course of action to reduce pests.

Packaging and Handling

Correctly package works for long term and use materials which will protect artwork. 

Collections Database

Move your collection's documentations from paper to online. Catalogue your collection using the industry's state of the art catalogues; easy AND secure. 

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